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Information for Same-Sex Couples

Illinois does not allow same-sex couples to legally marry, but the state does recognize domestic partnerships (which provide some of the benefits extended to married couples). Below are resources for same-sex couples in Illinois, including domestic partnership and adoption:

General Resources for Same-Sex Couples:

Same-Sex Marriage: A Historical Introduction (FindLaw)

What is a Domestic Partnership? (FindLaw) - Brief overview of benefits (and legal differences from marriage) of domestic partnerships.

The Defense of Marriage Act and the Call for a Constitutional Amendment (FindLaw)

Developments in Same-Sex Marriage Law (FindLaw) - Overview of the often contentious struggle over same-sex marriage laws.

Same-Sex Marriage Pros and Cons (FindLaw)

Same Sex Parenting Rights ( - Overview of same-sex parenting rights, by topic and by state.  


Resources for Same-Sex Couples in Illinois:

How to Apply for a Domestic Partnership (Cook County Clerk)

Domestic Partner Group Insurance Benefits (PDF, State of Illinois Group Insurance Program) - Explanation of benefits for domestic partners of state employees.

Domestic Partnership Affidavit (PDF, State of Illinois Group Insurance Program) - Must be completed for coverage of domestic partner under the State of Illinois Employees Group Insurance Program.

Adoption, Surrogacy and Same-Sex Parenting (Illinois Legal Aid) - Online video presentation on Illinois same-sex parenting issues.

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