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Chicago family law attorneys are trained to help guide you and your family through the adoption process; but there are a number of other valuable resources for prospective adoptive parents as well. Below are general and Illinois-specific resources for couples interested in the adoption process, including FAQs, laws and forms:

General Adoption Resources:

Adoption: Overview (FindLaw) - Links to general information about who can adopt, how the process works, etc.

Guide to Adopting a Child (FindLaw) - FAQ links, locating a child for adoption, and related information for prospective adopting parents.

Foreign Adoption (FindLaw) - Resources for prospective parents who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country.

International Adoption (US Dept. of State) - Overview of how federal laws deals with foreign adoptions. 

Adoption and Same-Sex Couples: Basics (FindLaw)

Adoption Tax Credit (IRS) - Explanation of the adoption tax credit.

Qualified Adoption Expenses: Form 8839 (PDF, IRS) - Attach this form to annual tax return.

Illinois Adoption Laws, Regulations & Info:

Illinois Adoption Act (Il. General Assembly) - Text of the state law governing adoption.

Adoption (Illinois State Bar Association) - Overview of state adoption law.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption (Il. Dept. of Children & Family Services)

Adoption Information Center of Illinois - Provides a wide variety of resources for prospective adopting parents and foster parents.

Certificate of Adoption (PDF, Il. Dept. of Public Health) - Official form for adoption in Illinois.

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