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Fracas Sends Halle Berry to Court, Ex to Hospital and Jail

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks (hence the name). For Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, it was more like a time to get spanked. Aubry showed up to Berry's house on Thanksgiving morning to hand their child off per the custody arrangement. Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez met Aubry in the driveway and the two exchanged words before exchanging blows, reports TMZ.

A short time later, Aubry ended up severely beaten, bloodied, bruised, and arrested. Martinez ended up with slight injuries to his hand. He claimed that Aubry threw the first punch, in front of the child. The cops must've found his version of the story credible, as Aubry was booked after being treated at a local hospital.

Though he said nothing at the time, Aubry later told TMZ that Martinez started the fight after stating that the custody battle (which Aubry won) cost them $3 million. Martinez also allegedly stated that the family was going to move to Paris and Aubry better do so as well, or Martinez would kill him.

Sounds like a fabulous family holiday.

An emergency protective order was issued that barred Aubry from coming within 100 yards of Berry, Olivier, and Nahla. However, that order is only valid until tomorrow. After that, Halle's attorneys will have to fight for a long-term order.

For Aubrey, the timing of the brawl couldn't have come at a worse time. His recent victory in family law court meant that he had a 50/50 custody arrangement with Berry and also meant that Berry could not move the couple's child to Paris.

The relationship between the parties is obviously contentious. Even before Thanksgiving, Berry's attorneys had argued that Aubry's temper was a danger to the child. The police also seem to be pinning the blame for this fight on Aubry.

Even if the fight was not his fault, he claimed that Martinez threatened him the day before the fight. Under the circumstances, it probably would've been a better idea to either do the hand-off through a neutral party (like a nanny) or at a public location.

When it comes to custody disputes, there is no quicker way to lose your rights than to be convicted of a battery charge against your ex or her significant other. Should the restraining order be extended, we fully expect the custody dispute to be reheard.

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