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Learning From Seal and Heidi: Tips For Dating While Divorcing

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Things are getting crazy between Seal and his soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi Klum. What started out as a celebrity divorce with an ordinary custody battle has now turned into a dog fight over a dispute over common assets and whether or not Heidi is "fornicating with the help," reports the Huffington Post.

Seal is hurt. His former spouse of seven years has been dating her bodyguard for three months. The couple announced their separation back in January and filed for divorce in April. The revelation of her new relationship before the divorce was finalized prompted the ugly remarks and is leading to an even more contentious split.

After what initially appeared to be an amicable split, the couple has butted heads over assets (he's worth $15 million, she's worth $70 million) and custody arrangements. RadarOnline is reporting that Seal will now try to use Heidi's new relationship as leverage in the divorce.

Here in Illinois, infidelity, whether during the marriage or post-separation, is pretty much irrelevant to the divorce. However that doesn't mean a new relationship before the corpse of your marriage has gone cold is a good idea. Bitter feelings drive much of the litigation in family law courts.

The best advice is to either put any new relationships on hold during the divorce proceedings, or, to reference the immortal advice of Vivica A. Fox in the epic film "Booty Call", keep your freaky-deaky happening on the down low.

You have the right to be happy. You have the right to move on. However, for the sake of your sanity, and your wallet, it's best not to do anything publicly that will cause your divorce to descend into protracted litigation.

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