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Siohvaughn Wade Will Not Lose Custody; Has to Visit in Florida

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The estranged wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade will not lose visitation rights to her two children, despite the incident that happened on Father’s day, reports ABC Chicago. Instead, if Siohvaughn Funches-Wade wishes to visit the children, she’ll have to do so in Florida.

Last month, Siohvaughn was supposed to hand the children over to their aunt, Dwayne’s sister, so that they could be brought to Miami for the NBA Finals game and for Fathers Day. Instead, Siohvaughn allegedly refused to open the door until police arrived. She has been charged with child abduction, visitation interference, and resisting arrest.

The fact that she somehow did not lose custody is surprising. Her actions indicate an unwillingness to work with her ex-husband in a cooperative manner that is best for the children. Nevertheless, the court favors children having a relationship with both parents. The middle ground solution of forcing her to visit the children in Florida makes future abduction incidents less likely, yet doesn’t cut her off completely.

The oddity of the case didn’t end with the ruling. Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s attorney asked for the judge to allow him to drop her as a client, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Oddly enough, he cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the attorney-client divorce.

Funches-Wade opposed the move, citing her attorney’s familiarity with the case and her dwindling resources. Often, when cases have progressed this far, the judge will be hesitant to allow an attorney to sub out, especially if the client has limited resources to find substitute counsel.

Imagine if a criminal defense attorney were to quit on the eve of trial. His or her client would be up the metaphorical fecal creek without a paddle. In these cases, where a client might be harmed by the substitution of attorney, permission from the judge is required.

Her current attorney is her 12th in this case.

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