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Jerry Hudson Convicted in Ex-Wife Murder

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A DuPage County jury refused to believe Jerry Hudson's claim that he acted in self defense as he shot his unarmed ex-wife six times. For the ex-wife murder, Hudson faces at least 45 years in jail.

Hudson and his ex-, Melissa Bridgewater, were having difficulties following their divorce. Hudson apparently believed that Bridgewater stole his manhood and so wanted revenge, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. It's not clear why Hudson felt that his manhood was compromised, but at the time of the shooting, Bridgewater had left a New Year's party with a new boyfriend.

Hudson never denied killing his ex-wife. Instead, he said he was acting in self defense as he believed that Bridgewater was reaching for a gun as she sat in her car when the two argued, reports the Sun-Times. Prosecutors argued that this defense was bogus, instead claiming that Hudson ambushed his ex-wife and then shot the unarmed woman six times.

As the 51-year-old Hudson likely faces the rest of his natural life behind bars, partners coming off a bitter divorce, break-up, or argument should know that legal protections available to them do not end with a relationship.

For example, you do not have to be married or even in a relationship to seek a protective order or temporary restraining order against someone. If you feel you are being threatened by an ex- or current partner, you can seek court action.

Jerry Hudson was convicted of the ex-wife murder of Melissa Bridgewater. Individuals fearing for their safety should know that the legally available protections against partners or former partners continue after the relationship.

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