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Kim Kardashian: 72 Reasons for Getting a Prenup?

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You may have heard that Kim Kardashian is reportedly divorcing her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. You may also be aware that Kardashian reportedly earns $12 million a year, while her husband remains unemployed as the NBA lockout continues.

Luckily for Kardashian, the reality star is believed to have signed a prenuptial agreement, reports CBS.

While a prenuptial agreement between the rich and famous may seem normal, getting a prenup for even the common folk like you and I may be a good idea.

Generally, a prenuptial agreement is a good idea when there is a disparity in income, wealth, or earning power.

For example, if one spouse has earned much more previous to the marriage, or accumulated a lot of assets pre-marriage, a prenup can ensure that these assets are untouched should the marriage not last. Similarly, a premarital agreement can define how property passes in the event of a death, a good thing in a second, or third, or fourth marriage.

On the other hand, if one spouse has significantly more debt than the other, a prenup can protect the debt-free spouse from assuming the debt of the other.

In addition, if one spouse has to give up a lucrative career after getting married, a prenup can ensure that the sacrificing spouse will be compensated should the marriage not last.

Finally, a prenup is a good idea for business owners or those who own a brand like Kardashian. The agreement can protect your interests in the business so that it cannot be divided and subject to the control or involvement of your spouse upon divorce.

There are many different reasons for getting a prenup. The above summarizes some of the most common reasons.

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