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In Court: Antoine Walker Child Support Battle

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Antoine Walker was in court this week fighting charges of unpaid child support. The Chicago native and former NBA All-Star is accused of not paying child support in over two years.

The Antoine Walker child support case should be interesting as Walker famously returned to D-League basketball last year as he needed money following a bankruptcy filing and charges of skipping out on casino debt.

Donna Grant, Walker's ex, says that she has been trying to get the basketball player in court since May. Grant says that she served Walker notice of the court hearing while he was partying at a local nightclub.

The proceedings of the child support hearing were not reported, but Grant will likely argue that Walker owed at least 20% of his net income for child support per Illinois' statutory formula.

On the other hand, Walker will likely argue that he was broke and in debt for the past two years; thus, excusing his failure to pay child support. The statutory formula for child support only provide a guideline for judges, and a judge can deviate from the guidelines should specific situations warrant it.

For example, the fact that Walker was battling legal problems, casino debt, and unemployment may justify the judge lowering or even eliminating any child support obligations.

Finally in court, the Antoine Walker child support battle is set to begin. Walker is accused of not paying child support in over two years. But as the former NBA star has battled legal problems and debt in that time, it's unclear if he has any money to support his child.

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