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Falling Television Sets Kill 2 Kids in 10 Days

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Two young children were killed by falling television sets in the past ten days. The Chicago TV deaths will spark at least one child abuse investigation, and criminal charges may follow depending upon the outcome of the investigation.

Earlier this week, three-year-old Shaniya Singleton was killed at her home in Hamilton Park when a television fell on her, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Police have called the death a "tragic accident" and an autopsy showed that the girl died of head injuries.

Three years ago, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) had investigated the Singleton family on allegations of child abuse, and the DCFS is re-investigating the family for child neglect in this case, reports the Sun-Times. The outcome of the first DCFS investigation was not reported.

In the child neglect investigation, the DCFS will likely look to see if Singleton's parent or caretaker failed to provide adequate supervision for the girl. A three-year old does require quite a bit of attention, and parents and caretakers are expected to take steps to protect children, remove potential hazards, and generally oversee them.

So if a parent is drunk or smoking weed upstairs, while a newborn is left alone to his own devices downstairs, the parent could be found guilty of child neglect should the baby get hurt.

Singleton's death follows the death of six-year-old Karl Clermont last week who died when a television also fell on his head at his home in Arlington Heights, reports the Sun-Times. In that case, police believe the boy was trying to climb on top of the TV set when it fell. It's unclear if the DCFS is investigating that death.

There were two Chicago TV deaths of children in recent days. The DCFS will determine if child neglect may be to blame for the deaths.

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