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Demi Moore Divorces Ashton Kutcher

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It seemed inevitable. Demi Moore divorces Ashton Kutcher. After recent months of rumors of infidelity, Demi Moore finally called it quits.

The couple wed in 2005, reports the Associated Press. At the time, the wedding made a lot of news as Moore was 15 years Kutcher’s senior. In addition, Kutcher had been a bachelor at the time, while Moore was a divorcee and mother of three.

However, the couple seemed to be a Hollywood success story with Kutcher becoming a step-father to Moore's kids. But all that came tumbling down as word was spread that Kutcher had reportedly cheated on his wife in recent months.

It was not reported if Moore specifically acknowledged the infidelity, but she did indicate that some of the "values and vows" that she holds sacred were broken, reports the AP.

The divorce of Moore and Kutcher will probably take place in California. But had the couple chose to divorce in Illinois, the divorce could be expedited if Moore says Kutcher is to blame.

Generally, in Illinois, you can have a no-fault divorce or a fault divorce. With a no-fault divorce, the couple basically agrees that no one is to blame for the marriage falling apart (usually citing irreconcilable differences). However, this type of divorce is not immediate and can usually only take effect after a couple has lived apart for two years and a court determines that reconciliation is not possible.

On the other hand, with a fault-based divorce, the separation can be immediate. With this type of divorce, a spouse would have to give grounds for divorce. One valid ground is infidelity.

Demi Moore divorces Ashton Kutcher. Had she filed for divorce in Illinois, she may have to prove he cheated to have an immediate separation.

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