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Child Custody Murder Plan Leads to Jail

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This is a tale of how not to resolve a child custody dispute. Christina Keck of Collinsville was involved in a particularly nasty child custody dispute with her ex-boyfriend. Perhaps trying to ensure that she would retain custody of her three-year-old son, Keck hired a would-be hit man to take out her ex.

But that hit man ended up being an undercover cop, and for the child custody murder plot, Keck will now be serving the next ten years in federal prison, reports the Associated Press.

The unidentified ex-boyfriend was living in Texas with the couple's young son. Keck wanted her son back, but instead of waiting for the court process to resolve itself, the mother took matters into her own hands.

Keck met an undercover Illinois state police officer posing as a hit man last December and the two agreed that for $600 the would-be hit man would shoot the ex-boyfriend in an apparent robbery attempt gone wrong, reports the AP. Keck handed over the money and told the undercover cop the whereabouts of her ex.

For the child custody murder plot, Christina Keck pleaded guilty in July on one count for furthering a murder-for-hire scheme, reports the AP. This week, she was sentenced to ten years in jail making the child custody decision easy.

Had Keck waited for a child custody hearing, it's unclear how a court would have ruled. But given her desperate act, she probably felt that a court would not sympathize with her.

As the child lived with the father in Texas, the father was probably considered a primary caretaker of the child and a court may have looked favorably upon that in making its decision. In addition, a court may look at other factors that may influence what is in the child's best interests such as the wishes of the child, mental and physical health of the parents, the need for a stable home environment, and parental abuse.

Christina Keck took her child custody battle into her own hands and now, she not only loses her child but also her freedom for the next ten years.

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