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What are Illinois Child Support Penalties?

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We've previously written about how a court determines the amount of child support payments owed. So what happens if you fail to pay this amount and are subject to Illinois child support penalties?

Determining how much child support is owed is relatively easy, as courts have a statutory guideline to follow. A percentage of your net income is paid over to the custodial parent depending in part upon the number of children you have.

Unfortunately, there is no easy formula to determine child support penalties.

Generally, failure to pay support can result in a wide variety of potential penalties. For example, a court can order that a parent be given probation or be sentenced to imprisonment for failing to pay support.

In addition, a court could decide to garnish a non-custodial parent's wages. This means that before you take home a penny of your hard-earned wages, your employer will first subtract what is owed to the custodial parent from your wages.

And if you're not working, a court can order that you look for job and even require a diary regarding your job search efforts. So you can't be lazy and avoid making child support by sitting on your couch all day.

Courts can also restrict your driving privileges. You could have your license suspended, or you may be given a conditional license allowing you to drive to work only.

Finally, if you don't pay child support, the amount you owe accrues interest. So, you will owe more and more over time.

Illinois child support penalties vary wildly. Someone who fails to make payments could lose driving privileges, be ordered to look for work, and face other penalties including jail.

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