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The Joe Walsh Child Support Battle Continues

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Joe Walsh deadbeat dad sentiments were fueled when the Tea Party darling did not even bother to show up at his own child support hearings. Implying that he was too busy to attend, the Joe Walsh child support battle continued without him.

Without Walsh in attendance, a Chicago judge issued a preliminary ruling against the Congressman placing the burden on Walsh to explain why he does not owe his ex-wife, Laura Walsh, $100,000 in back child support payments, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. If he cannot explain himself, Walsh may be held in contempt for failing to pay child support and could be ordered to pay fines along with the back child support payments.

Since their divorce in 2002, Laura Walsh has made several court appearances seeking court orders against her ex-husband for child support help, reports the Sun-Times. The couple has three children, and as Walsh struggled with his income prior to becoming a Congressman, he sporadically made payments.

However, last year, Laura Walsh discovered that her ex-husband allegedly had enough money to loan his campaign $35,000 and so she reopened her demands for back child support payments, seeking $100,000.

But instead of paying the money, the Congressman has disputed that he owes his ex-wife money and engaged in some legal maneuverings such as demanding Laura Walsh's financial information.

As the judge did not issue an order for the Congressman to appear at the next hearing, the Joe Walsh child support battle will likely continue without him, fueling Joe Walsh deadbeat dad sentiment among some in the area.

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