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Reporting Domestic Violence: Man Pleas Guilty to Threatening Wife

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Lowell Aughenbaugh pled guilty to two felony charges of threatening wife and possessing illegal guns. These charges follow the arrest of Aughenbaugh in circumstances that may have prevented a deadly act of domestic violence — and which showed the importance of reporting domestic violence.

Aughenbaugh and his wife were going through a divorce last year when he allegedly made a phone call to her threatening to kill her and their children.

The wife contacted authorities and they attempted to arrest Aughenbaugh in the Chicago suburb of McCook. However, Aughenbaugh did not go down without a fight, and he was arrested only after a 12-hour standoff involving tear gas, robots, a fire hose, and a battered wall.

After the arrest, police found 91 guns and ammunition belonging to Aughenbaugh including several illegal machine guns.

It's not known what Aughenbaugh planned to do with all the guns or if he intended to carry out his threats against his wife and children. But because Aughenbaugh's wife reported the threat, police were able to act and arrest him before anything terrible happened.

Unfortunately, not all cases of domestic violence are reported and horrendous acts of violence do occur.

Yesterday, a Michigan man went on a shooting rampage killing seven people before killing himself. While police are still investigating the incident, domestic disputes may have motivated the killings. The Michigan man killed two ex-girlfriends, his own child, and the ex-girlfriends' family members.

It will never be known if reporting domestic violence could have prevented the shootings in Michigan. However, the threatened wife's reports in Lowell Aughenbaugh's case may have prevented a similar tragedy.

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