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Bulls Want Gilbert Arenas, Basketball Wives, and Child Support?

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Gilbert Arenas recently tweeted about child support payments to his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his four children, Laura Govan and her possible appearance on the show Basketball Wives.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Arenas dispensed some legal advice to his fellow NBA players:

“i dont care what she does … if she gets a job i pay less money to her. most players dont know that … if they hav a job it lowers ur pay … so let them work.”

For once, the overpriced, underperforming, gun-toting, shooting guard from the Orlando Magic — recently involved in a manufactured trade rumor with the Chicago Bulls — may have said something that made some sense.

Laura Govan earlier served Arenas with child support and custody papers asking for a whopping $109,000 a month in child support payments. It's unknown the exact amount that Arenas and Govan ultimately settled on, but it's probably a lot.

But with a new job at Basketball Wives, Arenas may have a valid argument in seeking to reduce his child support bill.

The amount of child support that someone pays is generally based on the incomes of the two parents. As Arenas is currently under contract paying him $111 million over six years, and as Arenas' tweet suggests that Govan was not working, there was likely a giant disparity in their incomes.

But when there is a change in circumstances -- like when a parent gets a job, or higher paying job -- a modification in child support payments may be sought.

Oddly enough, Gilbert Arenas is currently suing Laura Govan to prevent her appearance on Basketball Wives. If he's successful, Arenas would still lose as he would be unable to modify his child support payments down without Govan's new job.

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