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Woman Charged With Faking Pregnancy In Child Support Scam

A woman in the Seattle area faces charges of theft and perjury after allegedly faking pregnancy and bilking a man out of thousands of dollars in child support payments, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported.

According to King County prosecutors, Federal Way resident Carmen Lynn Johnsen told her then-boyfriend in December 2008 that she was pregnant and that he was the father. She took pregnancy tests one month later, showing she was not pregnant, but prosecutors said she kept that to herself.

It must be noted that DNA tests used to determine paternity are extremely accurate and in any event, it may be a good idea to consult with an Illinois family lawyer first before agreeing to child support payments.

A Federal Way detective identified as "Scholl" claims Carmen Johnsen knew she was not pregnant but lied to the unidentified man:

"Instead she told him that she had a history of high risk pregnancies and miscarriages and needed to be on bed rest with this pregnancy."

He believed her and paid out $700 a month, paying out a total of $3,500 in child support before the alleged fraud was discovered. She not only repeated her false pregnancy claim under oath on four different occasions but also named a fictitious child in the following death announcement:

"In Loving memory of Rebekah Lynn Johnsen. Becky was born asleep, 28 days premature, on July 23, 2009."

In addition, police said she approached a pastor about holding a funeral for her child, claiming she miscarried the child after a car crash and cremated the remains. Police said she gave the victim a photo of an urn as she tried to get him to pay more than $9,000 in hospital bills.

She admitted to taking money under the false pretext that she was pregnant and police said that a document purporting to show she was pregnant was a forgery.

She was charged with first-degree theft, perjury and forgery.

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