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Divorce Attorney: Tiger Woods Overpaid Elin Nordegren

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First let's set aside rumors that Elin Nordegren secured a divorce settlement from Tiger Woods for the astronomical sum of $700 million; it actually was closer to the still-high amount of $100 million (based on estimates). Still, some attorneys say even that much was way too much, a CBS News article reported. 

I'm sure plenty of Chicago family law attorneys have their own opinions but one divorce attorney, Raoul Felder, said he believes Elin Nordegren made off like a bandit.

He said the high settlement (which he believes is too high) can be attributable to Tiger Woods' desperate situation at the time and lack of public support. The real settlement amount, which he believes was somewhere between $100 million and $500 million, is confidential:

"He was desperate. July 4th, he signed a post-nuptial agreement. Then he went into rehab for two months and for an illness that half of America hopes they would have, I guess. And then he tried this ridiculous press conference that didn't work. And then the golf wasn't working. So this is the only thing left."

If Raoul Felder had represented Tiger Woods, he said he would have advised him to immediately hold "a real press conference" and nip it in the bud early.

"Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill told CBS News that Elin Nordegren clearly had the upper hand from the start, which few would deny. After last year's car crash set off speculation of Tiger Woods' many mistresses, several women talked to tabloids about their alleged affairs with the at-the-time married golfer.

So why didn't the prenuptial agreement protect his fortune? Tiger Woods actually changed it after news of his infidelity hit a fever pitch in order to convince her to stay. But it backfired and she would eventually take advantage of its newly generous terms and Tiger Woods' lack of credibility and a seemingly endless parade of alleged mistresses.

Raoul Felder said the settlement upped the ante for celebrity divorces and jokingly referred to it as "the best thing for lawyers since the Magna Carta."

Most people will never see a hundred-million-dollar settlement, but having a skilled divorce attorney in Chicago represent you in a divorce proceeding certainly can help.

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