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The family law practice area encompasses a wide variety of legal issues and not all of them fit into a neatly defined category. News and information on adoption, a complex process that usually involves multiple parties in multiple states or even countries, is one such topic that can be found in this section. Other topics grouped under this category include foster care, surrogacy, changing your name, minor emancipation and guardianship. Some topics, such as juvenile crime and child abuse, span a number of legal practice areas.

Legal actions related to family law often are emotionally charged and painful, so choosing the right Illinois family lawyer is important. Although most Chicago family law attorneys focus on one or just a handful of specialties, all have at least a basic understanding of family law in general.

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Gay Marriages Begin in Cook County

Wedding bells are in full swing at the Cook County clerk's office after U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman's recent ruling on gay marriage, allowing couples in the county to wed before June.

For the time being, same sex couples in other counties must wait until June 1, 2014 to obtain marriage licenses. That is when Governor Pat Quinn's bill legalizing same sex marriage becomes effective.

In Cook County, same sex couples began lining up for marriage licenses within one hour of Johnson's ruling.

5 Ways Divorce Mediation Can Keep You Out of Court

A growing number of couples are turning to divorce mediation before heading to court in an effort to save time and money in an otherwise expensive divorce process.

If the mediation process works, then you're all set. If it doesn't, you can still go back to court to resolve any outstanding issues.

Here are five issues that can be decided ahead of time in a successful mediation:

Gay Married in Illinois: 3 Legal Tips

A mere month ago, Illinois became the 16th state to allow gay marriage. With 2014 upon us, same-sex couples in Illinois are now waiting with baited breath for June 1, when the bill becomes effective and couples can at long last say "I do."

Here are three legal tips for soon-to-be gay married couples in Illinois:

Gay Marriage Legal in Illinois

Governor Pat Quinn has signed a historic measure, making Illinois the 16th state to allow gay marriage, the Chicago Tribune reports.

This new law now redefines marriage in Illinois from an act between a man and a woman to a union between two people. This bill won't take effect until June 1, 2014, when the first marriage ceremonies can take place. Civil unions could also be converted to marriages within a year of the law taking effect.

Here's a general overview of gay marriage in Illinois and the country:

5 Family Trust Lessons From Celebrities

Celebrities have trust issues -- both personally and in the estate planning sense. But by the end, they can usually "trust" family again.

Here are five trust lessons from celebrities to keep in mind:

The State of Civil Unions in Illinois

Illinois' House of Representatives failed to vote last week on the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would have granted Illinois same-sex couples the right to marry, reports the Chicago Tribune.

While some Illinois lawmakers are vowing to raise the issue again later this year, same-sex and opposite-sex couples can still gain legal rights by entering into Illinois civil unions.

Could Illinois' Gay Marriage Debate Be Trumped by SCOTUS?

The push for marriage equality has hit Illinois once again, with proponents reintroducing a bill earlier this week that would recognize gay marriage. Previous attempts have failed to produce much more than the separate-but-almost-equal civil union arrangement. Should the bill pass as written, Illinois would become the eleventh state to recognize same-sex marriage.

In other words, whether you are for it or against it, this is potentially a very monumental piece of legislation. But the debate could become completely irrelevant in a matter of months.


2012's Most Popular Family Law Posts (Part II of II)

Criminal lawyers deal with crime. Employment lawyers deal with jobs.

What do family lawyers deal with? Divorce, prenuptial agreements, child abuse, retirement planning, contracts, and a number of other fields.

The second half of our 10 most popular posts of 2012 (the first five can be found here) cover the gauntlet of family legal issues, from a woman's role in the household to celebrity child custody disputes.

2012's Most Popular Family Law Posts (Part I of II)

Family. For some, it evokes warm memories of holiday dinners. For others, it means divorce, stabbings, and dirty, dirty affairs.

Our readers seem to have preferred the latter in 2012, though we must admit, the law usually doesn't come into play until someone is stabbed or a marriage is dissolved.

Illinois Senate Could Still Approve Gay Marriage This Week

Late last week, word emerged that Illinois, less than two years after allowing civil unions, was quite possibly on the verge of introducing the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would add Illinois to the ever-growing list of states that allow same-sex marriage. After a few hiccups, it finally passed the Senate committee and was ready for a full vote by a lame-duck legislature.

And then it wasn't.

Friday's legislative session was canceled and as a result, the bill was shelved, according to the Sun-Times. That doesn't mean the end of the battle. In fact, it may even be reintroduced today, as the 98th General Assembly is sworn in. To prevail, it will still have to overcome a few remaining obstacles, however.