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Adoption Rights of a Contesting Biological Parent

In a heart-wrenching case before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, a young girl’s biological father fought for custody of his daughter on the strength of the Indian Child Welfare Act. The biological father argues that this legislation prevents his parental rights from being denied and enables the court to undo the girl’s adoption by a South Carolina couple.

It is fairly common to have a distant father return suddenly to block an otherwise straightforward adoption. Any future parent wishing to go forward with adopting a child should consider the following.

Best Arguments to Overcome a Prenuptial Agreement

There is no such thing as "ironclad" in the family law world. And this includes purportedly "ironclad" prenuptial agreements. With the help of a good Chicago family law attorney, you can potentially overcome and invalidate even the most detailed prenup.

A prenuptial agreement is generally a contract. And like all contracts, the prenuptial agreement needs to meet certain requirements to be valid and enforceable.

Some of the best arguments that can potentially overcome a prenuptial agreement include the following: