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Divorce Decisions: Fault or No Fault?

When it comes to divorce there can be a lot of blaming and finger-pointing. The law has a phrase for that too. It’s called fault divorce, but there’s also a no fault option. When people get divorced they can choose between them.

Of course, it doesn’t really apply to where you put personal blame for the divorce.

No-fault divorce is a misleading name, but it’s an important concept. Without it, people would have a much more difficult time ending a bad marriage.

How to Avoid Divorce Disasters

Divorce is never easy but when things go wrong, it can quickly spiral into a full-blown disaster. Figuring out whether divorce is the right choice for you, and then figuring out what to do next, can be complicated.

The soul searching is something you have to do for yourself. Once you've made your choice, we can help you deal with the process.

The emotional part is hard enough and the legal process for a divorce isn't what you'd call simple. But there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

Can You Get Your Marriage Annulled?

Divorce can be expensive and complicated so having your marriage annulled may sound like a better option, but is that legal?

Annulment is one way to end a marriage, but it’s not very common when compared to divorce. A marriage can be ended for any reasons, or none at all, but you need to fit into a certain category if you want to get a civil annulment.

If you’ve had children during your marriage, annulment is going to be difficult. But for those who decide to call it quits before kids, you might qualify.

Should You Consider Mediation Instead of Divorce Court?

There's no escaping that divorce is a legal process. But you might want to consider mediation as an alternative to the courtroom drama that many people reluctantly face.

It doesn't matter how friendly you and your ex are going into the process; court proceedings have a way of making bad situations more tense for everyone involved. It's not called the adversarial system for nothing, and by the end you might feel like enemies.

That's not a good situation for people who have to continue to see each other because of children or other shared obligations. So is mediation the right choice for you?