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2012's Most Popular Family Law Posts (Part I of II)

Family. For some, it evokes warm memories of holiday dinners. For others, it means divorce, stabbings, and dirty, dirty affairs.

Our readers seem to have preferred the latter in 2012, though we must admit, the law usually doesn't come into play until someone is stabbed or a marriage is dissolved.

1. Roommate Sleeps Through Roommates Stabbing Each Other to Death

Domestic violence is more than the stereotype of an alcoholic man in a "wife beater" shirt, slapping around his spouse. In this case, two roommates had a dispute. Instead of dealing with it like most men would (fisticuffs!), one stabbed the other to death. A third roommate slept through the entire thing. In all seriousness, we urge anyone living in a potentially violent situation to seek help and get out as soon as possible.

2. Katy Perry Divorce Settlement: Diva Keeps All

Was anyone surprised by Katy Perry and Russell Brand's divorce? The only surprise was that she walked away with everything, despite not having a prenuptial agreement. Rumors suggest that blackmail and sensitive secrets might have come into play. Under the law in California, where they were married, he would have been entitled to $22 million of her earnings. Here in Illinois, that figure may have differed a bit, but it certainly would have been more than zero.

3. Rapists' Rights? What Happens When the Victim Gets Pregnant

Who can forget Rep. Todd Akin's verbal faux pas? He said women don't get pregnant from "legitimate" rape, whatever that entails. A lawyer-author begged to differ, citing her own child who was conceived through forcible rape and the ensuing custody struggle. We answered the question: In Illinois, what are the rapists' rights to custody? (Hint: thankfully, not much).

4. Joe Simpson's Alleged Affair With Male Model Complicates Divorce

Ye olde adultery. The cardinal sin has been around as long as mankind, yet it always seems to fascinate us. Perhaps Pastor Joe Simpson's alleged affair was made even more fascinating by the fact that he was a religious leader and because his affair was supposedly with a male model. What effect will his affair have on property division in a divorce? In his state of Texas, it may come into play somewhat. Here in Illinois, it is absolutely irrelevant.

5. Russell Brand to Take in $20M From a Katy Perry Divorce?

The former couple nabs another spot on the list. Before Perry walked away with absolutely everything, one of our esteemed bloggers outlined what Brand was entitled to under the law. As the case ended up showing, what the law says and what the parties agree to can be vastly different. That's why we wholeheartedly recommend finding the best possible attorney if you are planning a divorce.

All this talk of Katy Perry necessitates a movie break. We'll be back later with the rest of the year's hottest stories in family law.

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