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Writing in Your Diary Post-Divorce Might be Bad for You

Dear Diary,

My ex is SUCH a P.I.G. PIG! Yeah, we broke up like three years ago, but she is totally dating a younger man right now. What is this, cougar town? What is wrong with me? Why was I not good enough? Ughhhh, I'm totes gonna have a bottle of white zinfandel tonight.

Sincerely, Me

Traditional wisdom says that writing about one's feelings helps them to deal with those feelings. This has led to many therapists recommending that the recently divorced keep a journal or diary. However, according to a study recently completed by a professor at the University of Arizona, that's probably a bad idea for some people, reports the Science Codex.

Fracas Sends Halle Berry to Court, Ex to Hospital and Jail

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks (hence the name). For Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, it was more like a time to get spanked. Aubry showed up to Berry's house on Thanksgiving morning to hand their child off per the custody arrangement. Halle's fiancé Olivier Martinez met Aubry in the driveway and the two exchanged words before exchanging blows, reports TMZ.

A short time later, Aubry ended up severely beaten, bloodied, bruised, and arrested. Martinez ended up with slight injuries to his hand. He claimed that Aubry threw the first punch, in front of the child. The cops must've found his version of the story credible, as Aubry was booked after being treated at a local hospital.

Study: Crappy Economy Led to Delayed Divorce

One would think that when times get tough and money gets tight, couples would begin to fight more. This would lead to more conflict and more divorce.

It's the opposite, at least according to a study by Abdur Chowdury, a Professor of Economics at Marquette University. His study, "'Til Recession Do Us Part: Booms, Busts, and Divorce in the United States," found that in the initial years of this dismal recession, divorce rates actually dropped.

Cook County Moves Court-ordered Parenting Classes Online

Divorce is obviously going to change things. Out of all the changes, one of the most significant is going to be in how you raise your children. There are no longer two parents present to discipline and watch the child. Decisions that used to be as simple as pillow talk now require calling someone -- who you likely still hold a grudge against -- and coming to an agreement.

It's called co-parenting, which is a new-fangled term for doing what you've always done: raising your children together. The bottom line is you're going to have to set aside whatever caused the split, and learn to work with your ex-spouse in creating a healthy and happy environment for your child.

Three Ideas for Surviving Thanksgiving with Shared Custody

Holidays are a tough time for divorced families. The magic of a holiday is spending time with your loved ones. This is inherently more difficult when you have two separate families.

When custody battles get bitter and nasty, they often end up in a court-ordered settlement that splits holidays and vacation times between the parents. Mom gets Thanksgiving, Dad gets Diwali, and next year, you switch. But for more accommodating ex-spouses, here are a few other possibilities:

Halle Berry Loses Legal Fight to Move Daughter to Paris

Someone turned down Halle Berry? We can imagine that the most beautiful woman in the world is not used to such treatment. However, it seems there is no accounting for the tastes of a family law judge.

Berry lost her custody battle against Gabriel Aubrey, the father of her 4-year-old daughter, earlier this week. She was seeking full custody in order to move Nahla to Paris, where Berry planned to live with her fiancĂ©, French actor Oliver Martinez. This wasn’t her first loss either. Back in June, she was ordered to pay $20,000 per month in child support.

Working My Way Back to You: Reconciling After Divorce

The Chicago Tribune asked an interesting question the other day: can it ever be a good idea to remarry your ex?

Of course, after reading this blog, one might wonder if it is ever a good idea to marry at all. Or even, what legal considerations come along with reuniting, even if it does feel so good?

Child Abuse or Child's Play? Man's 'Funny' Photo Nets 2 Felonies

Humorous prank or child abuse? Is it possible to be both at the same time?

Andre Curry, the father behind a viral image of a bound 22-month-old baby, was found guilty of charges of aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery today, reports the Chicago Tribune. He faces up to seven years in prison for the two convictions. In announcing the verdict, Judge Lawrence Flood stated:

"To use a a toy or a prop in an odd attempt at humor is conduct of an insulting or provoking nature."

Fixing Your Finances: The FindLaw Guide to Spousal Support

Life ain’t a chick flick. Remember the First Wives’ Club? Besides being wickedly funny, each of the three women had a relatively easy time putting their lives back together after divorce. Each ended up financially self-sufficient and helped their friends survive financially and emotionally while exacting brilliant revenge upon their evil ex-husbands. It’s too good to be true. The reality of a divorce for most women is probably closer to a Paula Cole song.

Pop culture aside, the question for dependant spouses of either gender is what will the future hold financially? While they may be happy to escape a diffiuclt marriage, most will not be happy to lose their financial support. Some have sacrificed their own careers to help their husband. Others have wiped noses and rears while their wives dominated as actresses and reporters.

Ashton and Demi Split: How Much is Half of Two and a Half?

TMZ noted something interesting the other day. Despite being separated since late last year, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have made no legal moves towards processing their divorce. They've made plenty of non-legal moves (see Ashton and Mila), but what's the holdup in getting to court?

As always, it's likely a matter of money, reports the New York Post. After years of making residuals off of a few mediocre movies and That 70s Show, and doing terribly annoying Nikon commercials, Ashton made bank last year when he agreed to sign on to Two and a Half Men. By bank, we mean he was the highest paid television actor, at $24 million, last year, reports CNN.