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Top Three Mistakes Celebrities Make in Marriage and Divorce

Some of you might suspect that this blog is turning into TMZ with brains. We’re flattered, really. However, we’re not just about celebrity stalking and schadenfreude. Celebrity divorces (and marriages) can provide valuable lessons for the everyday person. Because they are often rich and famous, their nuptials and dissolutions provide magnified and exaggerated looks at the same mistakes that plague all people.

In light of that, here is a recent review of a few of the most common mistakes made by celebrities (and normal folks) in either their days of bliss or days of discord.

Proper Planning Prevents Difficult Divorce

Prenups and postnups. We harp a bit on these, but it’s only because they are becoming increasingly important in a time where couples divorce more frequently than ever (especially older couples). Kelsey Grammar provided an excellent example of “what not to do” when he married his ex, Camille Grammar. He was a rich and rising star. She was a “B list” celeb. Granted, she went on to produce a lot of quality money-making television for his production company, but he produced the majority of the couple’s income. When they split (after a bitter battle), the assets were split 50/50. A proper prenuptial or postnuptial agreement could have protected more of his assets.

Coparenting and Amicable Divorces Are Cheaper, and Better

Divorces are usually bitter death matches or friendly and amicable. There is usually no middle ground. But David and Courtney Arquette are a perfect example of an amicable divorce. Their divorce passed with a whisper, and a few sheets of paper. Days later, they were seen dining with their child on David’s birthday. Less legal fees, less stress, and minimal disruption to the kids.

On the other hand, Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s divorce was more comparable to the deepest, darkest, depths of hell. She has changed attorneys more than a dozen times, and was recently arrested for not turning the children over for Father’s Day (which was part of the custody agreement). Their divorce death match lasted years and still returns to court on a semi-regular basis over custody issues. That means a lot of lawyers, legal fees, stress, and possible harm to the children.

Dating Too Soon

We’re not talking about your emotional well-being here. After all, we are cold, insensitive, analytical lawyers. No, we’re talking about making the divorce process as quick and painless as possible. Earlier this year, Seal found out that his soon to be ex-wife, Heidi Klum, had already resumed dating and was “sleeping with the help.” It was a tasteless response to her relationship with her bodyguard. It also reflected his hurt feelings. His suddenly increased resolved to contest the asset division in the divorce could be attributed to the hurt feelings. Bottom line: if you must date, do so quietly until the paperwork is final.

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