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Your Feet Are Cold For a Reason; Don't Wed if You Doubt

Your pending nuptials are just around the corner. He's kinda perfect. Kinda. Yet you can't help but feel like there's something fleeting, something not quite eternal, about your love.


Yeah, we know. Momma said it was just cold feet. Everyone gets cold feet. However, according to a new study done by the University of California, Los Angeles, 19% of women with cold feet ended up divorced within four years. Only 8% of those who were certain ended up with negated nuptials, reports USA Today.

For men, the effect was less pronounced. A reported 14% of those with doubts ended up divorced versus 9% of those who were certain.

Okay, so it's true that 81% weren't divorced within four years; we're a bit more "glass half-empty" on a blog dedicated mostly to divorce and its sister ills: child support, child custody and spousal support. Still, the warning signs shouldn't be ignored. Evaluate the reason for the cold feet. If the doubts are more about him than about the institution of marriage, that might indicate that you are headed in a bad direction.

Okay, so you're an optimist. You're setting aside your doubts and going to take the plunge. An 81% success rate after four years isn't bad, right? Well, at least consider a little financial planning, such as a prenuptial agreement. You never can be too careful.

A prenuptial agreement is not quite a plan for failure. Some might call it a contingency plan. Others say it "sets expectations" for the marriage.

Whatever you call it, it protects your assets (and his) in the event of a divorce. This is especially important for all of you sugar mommas out there who don't want to lose half of everything after four years of listening to your stay-at-home husband whining about the sad state of the economy. The agreement will delineate what property stays separate, such as your car and home, and what becomes marital property, such as the joint bank account.

And if you believe in soul mates and you have cold feet, you might want to get in that car and drive. There is no hope.

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