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Technology Makes Divorce Easier: Helpful Apps

What would divorce be like if it was as simple as using an app? While we haven’t quite progressed (or regressed) that far, there are a handful of apps that can help you through the process.

The first, and main app that you should look at is the Illinois Legal Aid Society’s app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. It is pretty remarkable that a non-profit agency that provides services to low income Illinois residents could have the funding and ability to come up with such a comprehensive app, though we shouldn’t be surprised after seeing their ridiculously useful website.

The app contains information on divorce, child custody, and even non-familial matters like how a landlord can evict a tenant. It has frequently asked questions, forms, and even contact information for helpful agencies.

If you have kids, you might also be curious about how much you’ll end up paying in child support. Google Play’s app market contains both a universal Child Support calculator, as well as an Illinois-specific calculator. Both are very highly rated, though we haven’t personally tested them yet. The Illinois Calculator is available for iOS as well, though it has not yet been reviewed in the App Store.

Note that while these apps use the state guidelines and factor in both parents’ incomes, expenses, and percentage of custody, the final decision on how much child support to order rests solely with the judge. These are merely for estimates.

So there you have it. We have not yet reached the dream where filing for divorce is as simple as whipping out your iPad, typing in a few things, and e-filing it with the local court. These apps, however, should give you a jump on the process, whether you decide to go it alone or hire a divorce attorney.

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