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Dennis Rodman Finally Agrees to Divorce

Dennis Rodman is no stranger to family law issues, having recently been embroiled in a dispute over unpaid spousal and child support. Now the former Chicago Bulls star has finally consented to end his marriage to Michelle Rodman, a whole eight years after Michelle first filed her divorce papers, Fox Sports reports.

Last week, Rodman finally put an end to the couple’s eight-year divorce battle. Though the Basketball Hall of Famer signed the divorce papers, the dispute over the $800,000 in allegedly unpaid child support payments continues.

The former couple was married in 2003. However, Michelle filed for divorce only a year later, beginning a lengthy legal battle. The dispute was eventually put on pause when the couple attempted to patch things up.

The cease-fire ended this year when the couple broke up once again. In an attempt to clarify her and Rodman’s relationship to their two children, Michelle again filed for divorce, according to her attorney Mary Ann Noiroux.

It will be interesting to see how the divorce negotiations pan out, as Rodman has already claimed he’s in no position to make the child and spousal support payments he currently owes. In court, Rodman recently stated that he could no longer pay $5,000 monthly child support payments for a child from another relationship, while paying the $4,500 he owes Michelle Rodman each month.

Rodman said that he’s “broke” and “extremely sick.” He blamed his current financial state on his inability to capitalize on the fame he experienced during his heyday.

Dennis Rodman has reportedly accepted a position coaching a topless women’s basketball team for Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in New York, according to Fox Sports. For the sake of Michelle Rodman and her children, hopefully the position pays well.

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