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Facebook Divorce Comments Lead to Court Ordered Apology

You may have heard this story out of Cincinnati. A man made Facebook divorce comments on the social media site that were not so kind to his estranged wife. Despite being blocked from seeing his profile, Mark Bryon’s wife saw the comments and complained.

A judge then ordered Byron to make public apologies on his Facebook page to his wife every day for a month, reports WDAF TV.

Mom to Blame for Autistic Boy Shooting?

On Tuesday afternoon, 14-year-old Damion Rolle was shot to death in the South Side. Before he died, the teen allegedly told his sister that his older brother had shot him. Damion Rolle suffered from autism, as did his older brother, and police are currently investigating the incident to determine what happened.

The shooting which occurred near West 70th and South Yale happened because the older brother was playing with a loaded gun and accidentally pulled the trigger, killing Damion Rolle, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Cigarettes and Child Custody: Smoking Bad for Custody?

When you're involved in a child custody dispute, you should know that any factor potentially affecting the well-being of your child and home environment may be considered.

Traditionally, when making child custody decisions, courts considered factors like the amount that the parent earns, whether the parent is abusive, and where the parent lives. But in a growing trend, courts are also considering cigarettes and child custody and other personal habits that parents may have.

Katy Perry Divorce Settlement: Diva Keeps All

By all accounts, Katy Perry and Russell Brand had an amicable divorce. In fact, the pop singer reportedly even signed the Katy Perry divorce settlement with a happy face after her name.

And she has reason to be happy. Apparently, Perry will keep all of the estimated $44 million she had made during her marriage to Brand, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The couple was married in California, and under that state’s community property law, Brand would have had a claim to half of that amount had he pushed. So why didn’t he take the money?

Childcare Mixup: 2-Year-Olds Dropped Off At Wrong Home

On Friday, a white minivan stopped in front of a home in Englewood and honked repeatedly. When a teen came downstairs to see what the commotion was about, the van driver dropped off two, two-year-old twins and said they belonged to the woman in the house, reports the Chicago Tribune. They didn’t.

A few phone calls were made and it was revealed that there was a Chicago childcare mix-up, as the twins, Mekhi Nash and Makayia Nash, were dropped off at the wrong home. Instead of taking the twins to their home on the 7100 block of South Union Avenue, the kids were mistakenly dropped off at the 7100 block of South Normal Avenue.

Parminder Nagra Divorce Filing Cites Irreconcilable Differences

Parminder Nagra played a doctor at the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago on the television show ER. After a ten year courtship and marriage with her husband, photographer James Stenson, the actress announced that the couple decided to end their marriage.

The 36-year-old actress and her husband were married for three years, and “irreconcilable differences” were cited for the Parminder Nagra divorce, reports the Daily Mail. The couple has a young daughter.

Falling Television Set Claims Another Child

If you have young children and an old-fashioned tube television, you must be careful where you put the TV. For the fourth time in recent months, a television set fell on a toddler, killing the young child.

The Chicago television set death happened in the Far South Side on Tuesday afternoon.

Judge Severs Wheaton Mother Claim to Abandoned Baby

After a long fight, a DuPage County judge finally severed the parental rights of a Wheaton mother to her two-and-a-half-year-old son. Nunu Sung abandoned her son shortly after he was born behind a Wheaton apartment. She eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and served time in jail.

Sung has since been released from prison and has been engaged in a custody battle to regain the rights to her son. The boy, named Joshua, has been living with a foster family, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Olivia Wilde Divorce: Divorcing Young Not Such a Bad Thing

This week, we wrote about a study that correlated negative health effects with divorcing earlier in life. According to that study, people who divorced in their 30s suffered from more rapid health decline than people who divorced later in life.

However, studies are just generalizations and different individuals cope with different traumas in different ways. For example, House star Olivia Wilde said getting divorced at a young age was not such a bad thing in a recent interview, as it freed up her life and allowed herself to be honest with who she was, reports People.

Study: Divorce in Your 30s and Suffer Health Consequences

There have been several divorce health studies recently. Perhaps what is most remarkable about these studies is not the finding that divorcing can result in negative health consequences, but just how serious these health consequences can be.

Last month, we wrote about a study that reported that divorced people had a life expectancy of 11 years less than their married counterparts. This week, another study found that people who divorce in their 30s suffer far greater health effects than people who divorce later in life.