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Russell Brand to Take in $20M From a Katy Perry Divorce?

The rumored Katy Perry divorce is dominating Hollywood gossip and you may have heard that her husband, Russell Brand, could take home more than $20 million if the couple truly splits.

After being married for only 14 months, Brand, a British comedian, is entitled to half the couple's marital property under California law, reports the Contra Costa Times. The two were married in California and Perry did not sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying.

As marital property generally means the property and assets that a couple earns after marriage, Perry's string of number one hits released during her short marriage to Brand is potentially subject to division. However, her earnings prior to marriage would still be hers alone.

So while Perry is probably going to see half her marital property melt away under California's community property laws, super couples in Illinois should take heed that this state is not a community property state.

Instead, in Illinois, a court will usually undergo a case-by-case analysis to divide the marital property according to "just proportions" based upon several factors like:

  • contribution of each party to the acquisition of the property
  • value of property assigned to each spouse
  • duration of marriage
  • economic circumstances of each spouse

As Russell Brand is himself a hot Hollywood name with plenty of earning potential it is likely that he would take home a lot less than $20 million from the Katy Perry divorce had the couple been married in Illinois. But as the couple lived a California dream, they (or Perry) will likely have to pay for that dream as well.

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