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Gov. Quinn Cuts Illinois Foster Care to Catholic Charities

Governor Pat Quinn cut Illinois foster care contracts with Catholic Charities over the ongoing dispute of adopting to same-sex couples in civil unions.

Last month, the state passed the new civil union law that gives same-sex couples many of the same rights as married couples; including, the right to adopt children.

Catholic Charities, who cares for about 2,000 state wards, refused to recognize the new law and insisted that it did not have to adopt to same-sex couples in apparent violation of the law.

Now, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the state is ready to cut ties with Catholic Charities and relocate the 2,000 children under its care to other foster-care agencies.

Greg Harris, a state representative from Chicago, supported the Governor's actions saying that, "[Catholic Charities is] coming to the state to get contracts to provide government services on behalf of the state. They can't pick and choose which Illinoisans they think are worthy of those services."

However, Catholic Charities called the state's termination of the foster care contracts "surprising and shocking," reports the Sun-Times. The organization pointed out that it would be "reckless" to take a quarter of the state's foster children away from the agency that's been caring for them.

In the meantime, Catholic Charities has already sued the state seeking an exemption from the civil union law. The organization basically claims that the civil union law should not apply to their foster care services. It's unclear if the ruling in that lawsuit will affect Governor Pat Quinn's decision to remove Illinois foster care from Catholic Charities.

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