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Abuse of Elderly Man by Wife and Son

Diane Kelley, 63, and her son, Anthony Kelley, 40, were arrested in Winthrop Harbor for allegedly abusing their 74-year old husband and father reports the Chicago Tribune.

According to the Tribune, a waitress at a Waukegan restaurant alerted officials about the abuse after she overheard Diane and Anthony Kelley bragging about pepper spraying and tying up the elderly victim. Allegedly, the wife and son had used duct tape to restrain the elderly man to his bed, the son had pepper sprayed his father, and the wife had slapped and hit her husband when frustrated over "caring" for him.

Rage. Revenge. Sadness. Depression. Distrust. Maria Shriver likely experienced all of these emotions when she discovered that Arnold Schwarzenegger, her husband of 25-years, cheated on her and fathered a child with their housekeeper. In light of the Schwarzenegger cheating scandal, as well as several other high-profile cases of marital infidelity, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on the emotions that betrayed spouses feel and cites expert opinion on how the betrayed can handle this difficult time.

Notably, experts interviewed by the Sun-Times have stated that betrayed spouses should try to delay making any serious legal decisions (like divorce) until they are able to overcome their initial flood of negative emotions and are able to think rationally.

Given the public nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, as well as the especially sordid details of Schwarzenegger’s affair, it’s hard not to have an opinion on the subject. And many pundits have questioned why Shriver has waited so long to file for divorce and delay possibly collecting millions of dollars.

Maria Shriver Hires Top Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser

In recent news concerning the separation between Maria Shriver and ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, some Chicago locals may have heard that the former First Lady has recently hired top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who has been described as "prominent Los Angeles family law attorney."

But according to CBS News, Shriver has not yet decided whether she wants to or will actually divorce Schwarzenegger. In fact, Shriver reportedly hired Wasser prior to when her husband's affair and child with a former household employee, Mildred Patricia Baena, even became known to the public.

However, if Shriver does choose to move forward with a divorce, any Chicago family law attorney might predict that she could be entitled to receiving 50 percent of her and Schwarzenegger's assets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Fathered A Child Out-of-Wedlock

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was married to former First Lady Maria Shriver for 25 years, recently admitted that he had fathered a child more than ten years ago with a former household employee, according to the Los Angeles Times.

As many Chicago residents may have heard, Shriver and Schwarzenegger officially announced their separation a week ago without initially mentioning what had caused the split. Shriver, who has four children between the ages of 13 and 21 with Schwarzenegger, had also moved out of their home in Brentwood, California.

Aliana Giordano Denied Custody Because Of Breast Cancer?

Many Chicago locals may have heard about the controversial child custody battle involving Aliana Giordano, whose diagnosis for terminal breast cancer had a significant effect on her case.

ABC News reported a North Carolina District Court judge decided not to give Giordano primary custody over her two children. Instead, the judge ruled that the children should move from their Durham, N.C. home to Chicago and live with their father, Kane Synder, beginning June 17, 2011.

While Giordano's unemployment was cited as a factor in the decision, the judge also stated that "children who have a parent with cancer need more contact with the non-ill parent," especially since in Giordano's case, "the course of her disease is unknown."

Paul McCartney To Be Married A Third Time, But Without Prenup

After proposing to his girlfriend of four years in New York, former Beatle Paul McCartney, 68, is now engaged to businesswoman and fellow divorcé Nancy Shevell, 51, reported Reuters. As some Chicago residents may have heard, the engagement will be McCartney's third, following the singer's sour divorce with his second wife, Heather Mills.

However, McCartney and Shevell will not be setting up a prenuptial agreement, according to the Daily Mail. Instead, McCartney's lawyers have prepared a simple, one-page document that states Shevell will not make any claims on the trust funds of his children in the event their marriage fails.

Nathan Green Charged With Leaving 5-year-old Son Home Alone

A parole officer found a 5-year-old boy alone at a northwest suburban house in McHenry during a routine check on parolee earlier this week, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The parole officer reported the incident to McHenry County Sheriff's police, who then said the boy had told them that his father Nathan L. Green, 25, and his grandfather and legal guardian Alex A. Martinez, 69, left him unaccompanied at the house with only a candle burning next to him.

The two men eventually returned to the house about an hour and a half after police arrived at the scene but were immediately arrested.

Jason Range Sentenced To Prison In Domestic Violence Case

In a recent case involving domestic violence, 5-week-old Jeremiah Elijah Williams was killed in 2009 after South Side local Jason Range, the man who claimed to be his father, sent the infant flying off a third-story porch and to his death.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Range, 22, was recently convicted of battery, aggravated domestic battery, and involuntary manslaughter and received a sentence of 21 years behind bars in connection with the newborn’s death.

A heated argument had reportedly occurred between Range and his wife, Jeremiah’s mother, in the moments leading up to the fatal incident. At the time, police officials said Range’s wife may have confronted her husband to tell him she was going to move out of their apartment.