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Paternity Suit: Is Tiger Woods The Father of Devon James' Baby?

Golfer Tiger Woods may very well have squired a cub or two out of wedlock if he really was as promiscuous as tabloid reports allege. Porn actress Devon James, for one, believes Tiger Woods is indeed the father of her 9-year-old son and has sued in a Florida court for paternity, according to the New York Daily News.

Devon James filed the court papers under her real name, Melinda Janette. She also claims a report that Tiger Woods was cleared by a 2001 DNA screening was not true. The test actually cleared a man named "Matt," she said, and Tiger Woods never did take a test.

FindLaw tells us that DNA paternity tests are about 99.9 percent accurate. Chicago family law attorneys would tell most people not named Tiger Woods that it's virtually impossible to wiggle out of a paternity claim. But someone as wealthy as Tiger Woods always has the option of sweeping the matter under the rug with a cash settlement.

He in fact negotiated a multimillion-dollar settlement with alleged former mistress Theresa Rogers, who claimed to have given birth to his love child six years ago. We'll probably never know for sure, but wouldn't he just take the test if knew he wasn't the dad?

It's never that simple, of course, when the target of a paternity suit has north of $1 billion to throw around.

Sandra Brinling said her porn star daughter is a "pathological liar" who is trying to blackmail Tiger Woods. He may not be the father; but if there's any doubt, choosing to settle instead of exposing himself through a DNA test might be considered a more shrewd move.

There was no comment from Tiger Woods or his press agents in response to Devon James' paternity complaint.  

Devon James' 9-year-old son, Austin, is pictured alongside the Daily News article and worth a peek.

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