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Gay Divorces: A New Take on an Old Problem

With figure skater Johnny Weir and his soon-to-be ex-husband, Victor Voronov's, divorce making headlines, gay divorces are quickly becoming a topic of conversation.

Allegedly, the marriage fell apart when Weir was accused of cheating and having sex with a Chicago club owner, according to The Huffington Post.

While gay marriage in Illinois may be relatively new, divorces in the gay community aren't.

Gay Marriages Legal in All Counties: Illinois Atty. Gen.

Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan stated in a letter that county clerks across the state are now allowed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The letter was addressed to the Macon County Clerk after he wrote to Madigan's office regarding a court ruling in Cook County. Since this ruling, Cook County immediately began issuing marriage licenses, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Following the attorney general's letter, the Cook County court's ruling applies to the entire state.

Gay Marriages Begin in Cook County

Wedding bells are in full swing at the Cook County clerk's office after U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman's recent ruling on gay marriage, allowing couples in the county to wed before June.

For the time being, same sex couples in other counties must wait until June 1, 2014 to obtain marriage licenses. That is when Governor Pat Quinn's bill legalizing same sex marriage becomes effective.

In Cook County, same sex couples began lining up for marriage licenses within one hour of Johnson's ruling.

5 Ways Divorce Mediation Can Keep You Out of Court

A growing number of couples are turning to divorce mediation before heading to court in an effort to save time and money in an otherwise expensive divorce process.

If the mediation process works, then you're all set. If it doesn't, you can still go back to court to resolve any outstanding issues.

Here are five issues that can be decided ahead of time in a successful mediation:

Gay Married in Illinois: 3 Legal Tips

A mere month ago, Illinois became the 16th state to allow gay marriage. With 2014 upon us, same-sex couples in Illinois are now waiting with baited breath for June 1, when the bill becomes effective and couples can at long last say "I do."

Here are three legal tips for soon-to-be gay married couples in Illinois:

Gay Marriage Legal in Illinois

Governor Pat Quinn has signed a historic measure, making Illinois the 16th state to allow gay marriage, the Chicago Tribune reports.

This new law now redefines marriage in Illinois from an act between a man and a woman to a union between two people. This bill won't take effect until June 1, 2014, when the first marriage ceremonies can take place. Civil unions could also be converted to marriages within a year of the law taking effect.

Here's a general overview of gay marriage in Illinois and the country:

How Do I Modify Child Support Payments?

Whether it's a new job or a medical injury, it's not uncommon for child support needs to change when a child's or parent's circumstances change. Fortunately, parents with new needs can make arrangements for child support modification. In general, the payment amount may be increased or decreased depending on certain circumstances.

Here are three ways you can modify child support payments:

What Should You Know About Getting a Legal Separation In Illinois?

What should you know about getting a legal separation in Illinois? First off, what is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce in the state? Because, while many components may appear the same, there are still some very crucial differences between the two.

A legal separation, for one, doesn't dissolve the marriage, whereas a divorce does. In other words, a couple who is legally separated can resume their marriage if they reconcile, while a divorced couple who decides they want to be together again would have to re-marry.

If a legal separation is the option you want to pursue, here are some things that you should know:

5 Family Trust Lessons From Celebrities

Celebrities have trust issues -- both personally and in the estate planning sense. But by the end, they can usually "trust" family again.

Here are five trust lessons from celebrities to keep in mind:

The State of Civil Unions in Illinois

Illinois' House of Representatives failed to vote last week on the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which would have granted Illinois same-sex couples the right to marry, reports the Chicago Tribune.

While some Illinois lawmakers are vowing to raise the issue again later this year, same-sex and opposite-sex couples can still gain legal rights by entering into Illinois civil unions.